FC Isle of Man crest

A statement to our fans

One of the biggest thrills of this inaugural season in the NWCFL is the support the club have received from those of you who regularly attend our home fixtures at the Bowl, and indeed those diehards who travel to away games. Having your consistent and passionate support is so vital to the future of the club and provides great incentive for the team.

The atmosphere that you generate at the Bowl has been a major factor in the success we have had on the pitch this season. Chris, Lee and all the players are so appreciative of that support and the inspiration it gives to them week in week out, for which we thank you and sincerely hope that you will continue to attend in your droves with the same enthusiasm and passion that you have demonstrated so far this season.

Last week’s game against West Didsbury & Chorlton was a case in point. The energy provided by both sets of supporters helped produce the exciting game that unfolded on the pitch, and we certainly wouldn’t want to see any dilution in that enthusiasm and passion. We do however wish to ensure it is channelled in the most appropriate way so the club and the team is not penalised for any reason.

One aspect we are always mindful of each week is the safety of everyone in the stadium whether that be the supporters, our army of volunteer stewards, the players, coaches, game officials or anyone else in attendance at a game. Therefore, we would respectfully request/remind spectators that they should not enter the field of play, or pass over the barriers under any circumstances while in the stadium (unless you are instructed to do so for safety reasons by stewards and/or the Public Address system). Such breaches of this protocol may open the club up to NWCFL and/or FA sanctions which I am sure you’ll agree none of us want.

On a related matter, as requested over the PA at last week’s game, we also urge you not to bring flares or other similar devices into the stadium. While these items may add atmosphere to the occasion there is obviously a risk of injury to those who carry such devices, the surrounding supporters, our volunteer stewards and the players. Aside from the risk to others, flares also pose a risk to the playing surface and any repairs required would not only cause the club a significant financial cost, they could also mean the pitch is unavailable for us to use for a period of time while repairs are being carried out. The Bowl is the ONLY stadium we can play at in the Isle of Man therefore we do need to ensure we minimise behaviours that might put playing games on the Island at risk .

With your help we can turn the Bowl into a fortress. Somewhere for supporters young and old to enjoy their Ravens experience in a safe and enjoyable environment. Our motto is Bee Ny Share (Be Better) so let’s do all we can to be the best we can be on and off the pitch. Therefore let’s continue our work together to make our home match day environment truly exceptional and inclusive.

We thank you for your understanding and continuing support of these minor, but essential safety related requests, and again we thank you for your fantastic support.