FC Isle of Man crest

Congratulations to Sporting Club Isle of Man on its official launch

FC Isle of Man would like to congratulate our parent company, Sporting Club Isle of Man Limited, on its official launch earlier today.

Sporting Club Isle of Man will be the facilitator, not just for FC Isle of Man, but for all sports clubs that may ultimately become part of the overall ‘Sporting Club’ umbrella. It has been established to develop a community-owned multisport model similar to the likes of FC Barcelona and Benfica.

Sporting Club will initially own 100% of the share capital of its underlying sports teams and the club’s constitution states that it will not dilute its shares below 51% in any of the underlying entities. Thus, Sporting Club and its associated clubs will always be primarily member/community owned.

Some of the key functions of Sporting Club Isle Man are as follows:

  • To provide opportunities and support that enable its associated local community sports teams to compete at a higher level in the UK or beyond (i.e. offshore)
  • To provide its associated sports clubs (e.g. FC Isle of Man) an appropriate structure in which to operate and expertise to operate effectively
  • Obtain and manage funding distribution to and for its associated sports teams
  • Provide governance and compliance of the core philosophies and values of all clubs under the ‘Sporting Club’ authority.

Applications for individuals interested in becoming a member of Sporting Club Isle of Man will be available by the end of March 2020.

FC Isle of Man’s Director of Sport Paul Jones says of Sporting Club’s launch:

Sporting Club Isle of Man is the way for us, the Football Club, and other sports to be and stay as community owned clubs. This model has always been critical to our plans and it is exciting that the Sporting Club is launching today.

We hope the local community and those with Manx heritage or a soft spot for our Island, no matter where they are in the world, take the opportunity to support the Sporting Club and the teams it will own.

Sporting Club is a way for us to connect, enhance and promote our community through and beyond team sport and FC Isle of Man looks forward to playing its part over the years to come.

Join us in helping each other to #BeBetter.

For more information about Sporting Club Isle of Man and to register your interest in supporting local clubs by becoming a Sporting Club Member, please go to www.SportingClub.im.