Isle of Man Football today

Unlike our fellow crown dependencies Jersey and Guernsey, the Isle of Man does not have a football team regularly competing at a level beyond local leagues.

Subsequently, our players have found it difficult to access regular, progressive, competitive football outside of the local leagues, thus limiting the football career choices of our best players.

In a similar vein, coaches, administrators, performance professionals, and others looking for careers in football-related professional roles are only able to do so by prematurely leaving the Island.

This has probably had a significant impact on the quality of our local football leagues and players, development of the sport on-island and those in related professional roles.

Isle of Man football pitch

So, what is FC Isle of Man?

FC Isle of Man is a community-based football club, which will be owned by its members.

Our aims are high. We want to compete at the most competitive level possible and develop individuals capable of performing at the highest National and International ranks of football.

FC Isle of Man will provide fantastic opportunities for Manx resident players by exposing them to regular, high-quality competition and will give them the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

We will enter an off-island league, preferably the NWCFL, in Season 20/21 with the aim of progressing through the English league system and reaching the Football League.

We hope our home games will become a popular event for the whole community, not just football fans, to come together, enjoy a high standard football and support an Isle of Man team playing at more competitive level than previously available on-island.

The Club will be 100% owned by Sporting Club Isle of Man, which will allow the local community to participate in the club’s high-level decision-making processes.

FC Isle of Man Crest

Our ambitions

Club Aims

To become a Professional Football club within 15 years; having at least one former FC Isle of Man team member performing regularly within a top professional league (e.g. EPL).

Club Vision

Continue the Island’s proud history of punching above its weight by consistently developing individuals capable of performing at the highest National and International levels of football.

We will reinvest our success into grassroots sport, becoming an integral part of the local community and a beacon of Manx pride.

Club Mission

Create opportunities for Manx-based football players, coaches and professionals to fulfil their potential by entering and progressing a team through the English football leagues.