FC Isle of Man crest

A fitting match sponsor for today’s game

Today’s game vs Burscough FC is sponsored by the Motor Neurone Disease Association Isle of Man.

Motor Neurone Disease is an uncommon condition that affects the brain and nerves. Messages from the motor neurones gradually stop reaching the muscles. This leads muscles to weaken, stiffen and waste. MND can affect how you walk, talk, eat, drink and breathe and there is currently no cure for it. The MND Association Isle of Man, helps those on the Island by supporting those suffering with the disease, and their families.

FC Isle of Man Chair Gill Christian’s dad, Dave Whittle, sadly passed away from MND in March last year. He was a huge football fan and sadly never got to watch FC IOM play any league fixtures.

In his earlier years, Dave was also Treasurer and Committee Member of Burscough FC and his son Stuart played for them for many years. Gill also used to help out in the Burscough canteen, something she tries to avoid doing too much at The Bowl.

It therefore seemed fitting and appropriate that this game be sponsored by Dave’s family to help raise awareness of the condition and the invaluable work that the MND Association does on the Isle of Man.

Find out more about MNDA Isle of Man on their website.