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Sporting Club Isle of Man launches its membership

We are sure many of you are by now aware that our parent company Sporting Club Isle of Man has this week launched its public membership.

This is ultimately your opportunity to become part of the ownership of the Sporting Club, which by affiliation means being a member of FC Isle of Man (and our sister club, Cycling Club Isle of Man if you so choose).

As we have stated in these pages previously, FC Isle of Man through its attachment to the Sporting Club will be owned wholly by our community. This will be achieved via the annual membership scheme that Sporting Club launched this week, which is open to everyone aged 16 and over with a connection to, or interest in, sport and the Isle of Man.

The Membership fee is just £20 per annum and this will entitle you to become a member of Sporting Club Isle of Man, with the option to become an official supporter of FC Isle of Man too. £10 of your fee will be retained by Sporting Club and the remaining £10 will be distributed to FC Isle of Man.

We believe strongly in our community and this is a great chance for you to help shape and develop new opportunities, through football, that will add real value to that community. If you share that belief, then become a member today.

All Sporting Club members will be able to participate in the high-level decision-making processes of the Club and receive exclusive members-only offers.

Members will also have the opportunity to be voted onto the Board of Sporting Club Isle of Man, or one of the teams it owns e.g. FC Isle of Man, as a member representative to ensure the members’ voice is heard at all levels.

FC Isle of Man has some exciting announcements planned over the coming weeks and we are all thrilled at the opportunities that lie ahead.

We would love it if you could join us on the journey and be part of the success, we believe we can achieve as a true community club by becoming a member today.

Your Island, Your Community, Your Club